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Apartment NIGHT???

06/12/2013 21:19
 I remember an old ad for the Yamaha Silent Brass Mute System. It portrayed an older woman sitting in an apartment wondering what happened to the "trumpet playing fella upstairs". Well that fella had purchased a Silent Brass System. Everyone was happy. All was quiet. My parents bought one for...

Summer Plans

06/11/2013 23:45
Dr. Granade's Music History 1900-1945 course - Perform in the UMKC Wind Band Teaching Symposium - Brahms 2, Der Rosenkavalier, Patriotic Pops with the Missouri Symphony - Teach sessions 3 and 4 at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp - ENJOY LAKE MICHIGAN!!!

HaisLip Slurs (a brass blog)

06/11/2013 23:44
Welcome to my blog! You will find posts related to brass playing, my favorite recordings, musicianship, pedagogy, and whatever else strikes me as blogworthy. Please feel free to share your thoughts!

Calvin Smith Brass Quintet Competition

06/11/2013 17:14
The UMKC Graduate Fellowship Brass Quintet has won 3rd Prize in the Calvin Smith Brass Quintet Competition! We heard some amazing brass players from the US and from Hungary!

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