Teaching is an exciting focus in Matthew's life.

He believes strongly in these key aspects of effective teaching:

  • Teaching must be student-centered; not teacher-centered.
  • The most effective teachers help their students become their own best teachers.
  • The teacher must be a guide and a coach to help the student find his or her own path to achieving short term and long term goals.

This directly ties into a central philosophy of horn teaching:

  • In order to play with solid fundamentals, we must produce an efficient resonant sound in the middle register.
  • Then we take this sound higher and lower, louder and softer, and slower and faster...
  • ...as we develop flexible articulation, smoothness across all registers, and solid intonation with informed musicianship.
  • The entire brass playing experience should focus on beautiful sound flowing freely along the air and driven by musical ideas. 

Feel free to email Matthew (Matthew.haislip@msstate.edu) if you would like a free lesson in person or over Skype/FaceTime/etc. or if you would like to have him visit your program for a free clinic.

Sarah Ross, freshman horn student at MSU, recently won 2nd Prize Nationally in the Music Teachers National Association Senior Brass Performance Division Competition while studying with Dr. Haislip.


Fundamentals for Younger Hornists may be downloaded here:

Haislip - Fundamentals for Younger Hornists.pdf (529140)

HaisLip Slurs (extensive slur warm-up) may be downloaded here:

HaisLip Slurs.pdf (36458)

Haislip Scale Studies may be downloaded here:

Haislip Scale Studies 2017.pdf (326045)